Hello world!

‘Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!’

Good to know that Hello World! are still the first words to be used in any project of this kind. I remember this from the mid ’90s and learning to code HTML by hand. I didn’t do that kind of work by the time decent HTML editors appeared, and this is my first blog… so this category will be about my experience of blogging. If the experience is satisfactory this will probably be the only entry.


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  1. Well here I am, writing my second entry about blogging. I hoped to only do one (see below) while enjoying an easy blogging life using WordPress. After two posts lost and being unable to upload a post composed in Word, I’ve given up and am migrating to blogger. Yes, wordpress has categories, and looked good, but I’ll just have to learn how to do this in blogger.

    Scratch that… I’ve updated my Firefox and WordPress seems to work. I wonder if WordPress allows you to publish to your own server? (does this matter, I’ll just put it in a frame on my site, when I get my site sorted)

    Categories are useful, and the design is nice. It’s just a shame you can’t do more to customise (like I’d get time to do this anyway!).


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