And another thing (Blair and gangs again)…

Alan Johnson’s solution to youth crime (,,2026571,00.html) will just move the problem around. No matter how educated the workforce, some people will be needed for low paid jobs in cleaning, retail, and personal care. A tenth of the workforce will need to do the bottom tenth of jobs: they will go to those with the worst credentials in terms of qualifications, experience and so on.

Last year 10% of full-time jobs paid less than £244 per week. 10% of 18-21 year olds in full-time work earned less than £184 per week, and if, remembering the UK’s lack of social mobility, they stay in the bottom 10% they’ll never earn more than £277 per week . That’s £14,400 per year. Given the prevailing culture of consumption and money proving people’s worth, I’m not surprised some resort to crime.


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