Charlie Brooker

Although I tend to write here about the way the media and government misuse and misunderstand social data, I like to read a good rant, and this is a very good rant:

Charlie doesn’t usually write about politicians, but Jack Straw’s article about how we aren’t sliding into a police state needed an angry response.

I’ll write something about this very soon. One thing’s for sure, the work of Detica is very interesting. I heard ex-Home Secretary David Blunkett today saying a national database of all communications traffic would be a waste of money, but watch out for the £12bn Intercept Modernisation Programme becoming reality soon.

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  1. rachelbirdrachel

    Dear Mr Bailey,
    I work with a film company and we’ve just found some extremely ironic footage of Jack Straw on the cutting room floor. It’s currently being edited but I think it would be perfect for your readers. Is there an email address that I can use to send it to you?
    Thank you!
    Best wishes,

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