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Goodbye wordpress

I haven’t written anything for this for a long time (or anywhere for that matter). Now I have a new site at, so I think I’ll be closing this site down in the next week or so. So long, WordPress.

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The neighbourhood polity

I don’t often write about my PhD work here, but this is about blogs and googling your own work. The other week I did a conference presentation about the neighbourhood political scene. I described this forum as the ‘neighbourhood polity’.

One of my colleagues blogged about it here, and then someone reading his work also responded here. And because this term hasn’t been used in this context before, googling ‘neighbourhood polity’ just finds things that refer to me, but not my work itself. Interesting.


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My stats: UK ghettos

I don’t put much up on this blog, because I’m too busy writing elsewhere. However, I’ve noticed that the one entry that repeatedly gets read is the one on ghettos in the UK. It seems people are always looking for information about ‘UK ghettos’, suggesting that race and racism are very much ‘live’ topics.

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